I. Riverlands EDA, St. Charles co.
Habitat (for shorebirds that is) - water is going down. Mudflats and
sandbars are being exposed through out Ellis Bay, Lincoln Shields, Fisherman
parking lot,  West Alton Boat ramp, bay near Harbor Point.
Heron pond has HIGH water.

IL side:
Looked to see mudflats in the Hwy 143 slough, but didn't have time to stop
and look.

MO Birds:
1 LEAST TERN - located on a large, very rocky sandbar just past Heron Pond.
Hard to find with bins, must have scope
3 Caspian terns
2 BLACK TERNS - the Thursday WGNSS group had these birds, I did not.
~ 60 or so peeps. Think most were least sandpipers, with a few pects and
maybe a Baird's.
multiple SEDGE WRENS - singing in front of dragonfly marsh. They were
singing in June too, so they probably breed there, not a common occurrence
in the St. Louis area.
numbers of Egrets and herons increasing, so good place to look for a vagrant
ETS- saw and heard birds along Red School Road and Cora Island road.
Listen for "cheeping" in the groves of trees by the houses, just past the
and around the fenced in area (had pipes or a satellite dish) by cemetery

 II. Horseshoe Lake SP, Madison co, IL
Habitat - the staff have NOT started drawing down the duck impoundment due
to the excessive rain in June, the recent rains and there is not room in the
lake for all that extra water. They did open gates (?? to where) and it
seems the water is a bit lower in the duck impoundment. They will try to
start next week to draw down the impoundment depending on the weather .
You can call the office during the week to see if they are drawing down the
water or not.

IL birds:
2 MUTE SWANS (now instead of the one ) - so Mute swans are countable in IL,
only because they have a feral group in No. IL. Some St. Louis birders don't
count them unless they are seen in the winter (to insure that the group is
migratory I guess).
Another bad thing about Mute swans in the summer, a farmer along I-255 was a
huge pond with Mute Swans. It's not that far from HSL to his pond, so these
birds could be his. Didn't see any bands on the legs of one bird.

Lots of Egrets, Herons gathering at HSL now, so good place to look for
wandering waders.

Didn't go down Schoolhouse road or Bruns because it was oiled and rocked
recently. They both had tons of fluddles in June along these roads.

Charlene Malone
Chesterfield, MO
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