I birded St. Charles County today...

Busch Conservation Area ----

1 -- WILLOW FLYCATCHER, singing - Lake 30
1 -- OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER - Route B, roughly 8/10 mile north of the
entrance to lake 7, just before route B makes a 90 deg turn to the east; in
the field on the east side of the road.
1 -- BLUE GROSBEAK - Route B, roughly 2/10 mile north of the entrance to
lake 1; in the field on the east side of the road.

Lost Valley ----

1 -- HOODED WARBLER.  Apparently a female.  The upperparts, including the
crown, nape, back and wings (not including the face) were uniformly medium
to dark olive.  No wing bars.  Black lores as the field guides describe;
however, the black seemed to extend behind the eyes a little giving the bird
a black eyeline effect.  No black on the breast.  I did not see any more
black on the head.

The bird was not where it was "supposed" to be:  it was about 20 ft up the
tree.  But field marks were revealed which helped me identify the bird.  The
underparts were uniformly yellow down to the tail.  The underside of the
tail was mostly white and the color pattern of the feathers was
approximately:  black-white-white-black-white-white-black.

As the bird turned from side to side it flicked it's tail open and showed
white outer tail feathers.

1 -- Yellow-billed Cuckoo
2 -- Barred Owl, dueting
4 -- Vireo sp:  White-eyed, Yellow-throated, Warbling, Red-eyed
1 -- Blue-winged Warbler
7 -- Northern Parula Warbler
6 -- Cerulean Warbler
1 -- Worm-eating Warbler
1 -- Louisiana Waterthrush
3 -- Kentucky Warbler
X -- Common Yellowthroat
X -- Yellow-breasted Chat
1 -- Scarlet Tanager, male - Brilliant colors:  jet black wings contrasting
with a bright crimson body

Directions to the HOODED WARBLER spot:  From the parking lot, head down the
main trail and, making no turns, count the HIKING TRAIL signs.  The 3rd
sign, on the left, is neatly cut in half.  A few yards beyond, the trail
comes very close to the creek, and a utility pole has fallen into the creek
at an angle.  Perpendicular to the pole, next to the trail on the right, is
the tree.

There seemed to be a lot, but I wouldn't know.  Saw 2 lovely, lilac-colored
butterflies on the trail.  With wings folded, each not bigger than a dime.
2 -- SPRING AZURE, males?

Weldon Spring / Katy Trail Access ----

1 -- PAINTED BUNTING, male - Singing softly in one of the 2 large trees
(Poplar?) that mark the entrance to the parking lot.  I'm 2-for-2 on the
1 -- Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Mike Thelen
St. Louis County, MO
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