While I wrote that it appeared that the movie was making a connection between homosexuality and depression, I don't think the point was that homosexuals in society suffer from depression more than others.  I believe that because of the way homosexuals are viewed and treated in society, especially in Virginia Woolfe's time and in the 1950's when the Moore character lived, depression may have hit them harder because of the futility they felt and would always feel because of the intolerance of those societies towards homosexuality.  Their whole lives were lies and they couldn't change it, not without dire consequences; they weren't free to pursue happiness.  In cases such as these, I believe that long term depression may occur to such persons even to healthy persons with no chemical imbalances or other physical problems.  But, of course, even in Virginia's time, there were homosexuals who managed to live basically happy, healthy, lives.

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Dear Will,

I am sorry but this is simply not true.  For example, post-traumatic stress
disorder is not brought on by oneself.  Schizophrenia is not brought on by
oneself.  Depression can be caused by many events that trigger it.

And the only "guilt" associated with being gay is one imposed from
outside.  If, in fact, there is a god, and if god made gay people, then it
seems a rather unreligious position to cause anyone guilt for being made.

In any case, depression is no respecter of sexuality.


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Just for interest's sake, George, most doctors realize that a large
percentage of medical problems are brought on mentally the patient himself
(i.e., stress, anxiety, etc). Homosexuality is just the kind of thing that
would bring on depression (not in every case, I'm sure) because of guilt
associated with it. Just another thought to add to yours.


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Kate wrote:

>that she did suffer from Schizophrenia as well as depression at times,
>the latter probably the result of the deep love she felt for her husband
>being at

Depression isn't particularly "caused" by anything (although stress etc.
can trigger it).  It is a medical illness, and it's very simplistic to
suggest that depression could be the direct result of "deep love" or
homosexuality or anything much else.

Just thought that should be pointed out..