I also thought the film quite excellent. Every performance is gripping, especially Julianne Moore's, as you mentioned.
   Does anyone know if Cunningham (the author of the novel The Hours) is accurate in his portrayal of Woolf? There were a couple details about her in the film I was unfamiliar with.

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Wow.  I have no idea of why the person in the video store told my husband it was a Woman's movie.  There were no bubbles. He didn't leave the room once and he realized before I did that the litle boy was the poet with aids. Where the hell did they get that kid, anyway?  Personally, I thought that the actress who played the 50's housewife was unbelieveably good. Streep and Kidman both were brilliant, however, even though they couldn't quite disguise Kidman's physical beauty suffcientlly for the part.  I wonder what Eliot would have made of it, but then he knew Virginia.  Really good; it deserved all the awards.

On another subject, goodbye dear dear Kate.

Regards from Florida, USA