How sad that you resort to this kind of a bullshit accusation.

1.  I've never seen that page before in my life until you linked it.  Not
that it matters, since it's the validity of the information you ought to
have questioned.

2.  I read ALL the resolutions against Israel; they were posted (with
commentary) ad infinitum and in telling mimicry of each other by blatantly
anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Sharonist, and anti-semitic sites.  I
figured you would doubt the authenticity of the source unless they clearly
hated Israel.  I found the Economist story after searching on the difference
between types of resolutions.

I resent both your glee and implications upon finding that someone else has
linked the Economist article.  Does the economist site not exist?  Of course
it does.  Nothing has been made up.   

I think far more telling is that you only now decide that the resolutions
are indeed different, so your tactics change toward discrediting the value
of the very UN resolutions you were trumpeting as damning Israel a few posts
ago.  So when the evidence does not go in you favor, you don't aknowledge
your evidence was shoddy, you now chalk it up to the the meddling US keeping
everyone from getting away with an enforcable resolution against Israel.

I won't waste any more effort on this; you've reduced yourself  to mocking
the validity of information and sources I spent valuable time gathering
under the misguided hope that your interest in earnest debate might have
been genuine.  


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by the way, i think i found the web page you did your 'research' on.
anyone who is following this should take a look, it's pretty funny

even the economist story you quoted is there *lol*

just because Israels resolutions don't fall under chapter 7 doesn't mean
it's more of a threat. They have nuclear weapons! It should be clear,
even to you that if anyone tried to push for a chapter 7 resolution against
Israel then the US would Veto it.

also :

""Although the U.N. Charter authorizes military action for enforcement of
Chapter 7 resolutions, there is no formal agreement about how force should
be used. Each time the Security Council deems military action necessary,
member states must decide the details among themselves -- an often
time-consuming process, with varying degrees of commitment.""


"UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, however, said this week that such action
[invasion of iraq] would violate the UN Charter. The charter permits the
use of force only in cases of self-defense or under authority of the UN
Security Council. "


"the US threatened to use its veto to prevent a Security Council resolution
to send international forces to protect the Palestinian people.

Similarly, it brandished its veto to forestall a resolution to send an
international investigatory commission to Jenin, forcing the Security
Council to adopt, instead, resolution 1405, creating a mere "fact-finding"
committee whose remit will extend only to the making of recommendations
rather than instigate further actions based on its findings. "

something else yuo might like to note is that Chapter 7 can still be invoke
in an attempt to punish Israel for it's crimes against humanity:

"writer Charles Krauthammer wrote, " the one advantage of resolution
1441 is that it gave us a window of legitimacy during which to mobilize,
position equipment, send ships, line up bases, in short, create the
infrastructure for disarming Iraq." I agree with Krauthammer, and add that
when Ariel Sharon's forces entered Gaza, January 27, 2003, killing
Palestinian civilians and destroying property, the same window of
legitimacy was created for the disarmament, and containment of
Israel...Chapter 7 of the UN Charter dealing with enforcement measures,
Article 39, says: The Security Council shall determine the existence of any
threat to peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall take
recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with
Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and


I'll be looking forward to your reply.


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