My unwavering Gunnar,
You've conveniently left off the "but" part of that statement.  My point was that it's hypocritical to damn one term that lumps people, yet employ another; that is, using words like "trolls" or even "stupid" to describe one person or her/his referent group (my President or his administration), all the while condemning words by your political (for lack of a better term ) opponents like "froggies" is very hypocritical.  I'm sure you can see that, and indeed, I'd be surprised were you to disagree.
As to Mr. Bush's smarts, I would say that while he makes me wince whenever he speaks extemporaneously (and sometimes even when he does not), I'd say that his speaking does not necessarily translate into an accurate barometer of intelligence.
I'm sure you're abhorrent of his actions, though, and thus basing your "factual" analysis regarding his intelligence upon that.  That is exactly what I said some people are doing by way of use of the word "froggy"; they are making a judgement as to the reputation and integrity of the French based upon their decisions and [in]actions.
And those of us in the hinterlands of Montana are often a slow-to-anger quick-to-action sort.  I think the world grossly underestimates the slow burn of rage smoldering  in the hearts of the majority of Americans.  And those who take perverse pleasure in our recent "initiation" with statements along the lines of "welcome to the club" are the worst sort.
I've always appreciated your posts, Gunnar, and look forward to more.
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Date: Sunday, June 15, 2003 12:58:04 PM
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am 15.6.2003 5:26 Uhr schrieb J. Blessinger unter [log in to unmask]:

Why is it okay to, say, label our President stupid

Simply because it is FACTUAL, my dear Justin!
Could it be that this piece of conventional wisdom is news for such remote places as Wolf Point, MT.? ;-)



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