What you are doing is wonderful and will allow many more readers to
gain from Eliot's writing. I for one have appreciated Italian poetry in
translation for years, so I can imagine the privilege of reading Eliot
translated well into your language. Hope things go well with your work!

Best wishes,
Will Gray

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Hey Will,

Thank you so for your explanation. In truth, I had imagined the right
meanings to those words, but I wrote down the oddest on the post, just
to lead to the simplest explanation.
Yours was perfect -- you know, when translating into Italian, I must
needs know what 'fuel' means precisely, because we do not have such a
generic term as that to define the same concept.
Eliot hasn't been much translated here, except for the Waste Land and
maybe Prufrock. And the concepts he expresses are too complicated to
ever allow even the slightest mistake. We do not have any terms for
'lot' as land with no houses on it, for instance.
Furthermore, bilingual dictionaries are no good about poetical terms,
and it's almost one hundred years since Eliot wrote Preludes -- so his
English might be considered 'old', by now.
Anyway, thanks again!