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> you and I know that your 'facts' are not quite as clear as yuo would like.
> Israel has had anumber of UN security council resolutions vetoed by 1
> country yes you guessed it the US (in fact over 30, with the US being the
> numeber 1 user of the veto in the security council)

Correct, and isn't it just so significant that our veto means more than the
French veto.  But even more significant, even if we didn't veto these pathetic
resolutions introduced by certain anti-Semitic Arab controlled European
nations, who exactly would make Israeli comply? Who would dare face the Israeli
military?  Not the Arabs; they've learned their lesson there time and time again.
The French?  I don't think so.  Just like who was going to stop us from
bringing down the Iraqi tyrant no matter what the weak and silly and oil deprived
and depraved Europeans said or thought.
Yet, there was one resolution that was introduced in the U.N. concerning
Israel did pass.  We did not veto it.  In fact, we voted for it.  But, that was
when the U.N. actually stood for something.