Ken Armstrong wrote:
> Hmm. Just noticed that the quote I have differs quite a bit from
> the one on the web.

Ken's version is not that different from the version on the web.

I generated a file each for Ken's quote and the one on the web where
each word was on a seperate line and then I ran a line-by-line
difference between them.  The differences are listed below with "k>"
indicating Ken's version and "w>" the web version.  Ken's version is
not that different from the version on the web.  (It was all trivial
with Unix tools that I had already written.)

I also compared the quote sought by Peter and the version on the web
and there were many differences.  A quick glance showed many of the
differences were in translation.  Here are some examples:

    web>   a coutry, I grow cold and ddistrustful, a shiver comes over me,
    peter> collective honor...Indeed, it makes me shudder,

    web>   most of my fellow men are still weeping
    peter> others weep

Ken, maybe you were actually comparing your version with the one
sought by Peter instead of the one that I actually found on the web.

Anyway, the differences in translation and all the typos in the web
version would explain the problem with not finding the quote on the
web for such a long time.  The second time around I happened to pick
some words translated (and spelled) the same way by Peter's source and
the webpage.

    Rick Parker

Differences between Ken and web:

k> homogeneous
w> homogeneouse

k> unanimity,
w> unanuimity,

k> merge
w> mege

k> declarations
w> declaration

k> madness,
w> madness

k> against
w> agaist

k> capacity
w> capacty

k> hatred,
w> hatred

k> hall,
w> hall,.

k> city,
w> city

k> country,
w> coutry,

k> distrustful;
w> ddistrustful,

k> shudder
w> shiver

k> cities
w> cties

k> flame.
w> flames.