Dear Marcia,

Thank you very much.  If I had read this, I would not have sent my own
reply, but maybe two are better.

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Peter Montgomery wrote:

>From: Nancy Gish
>Would not the meaning of "knowing Jesus" and hence "following after" him
>depend precisely on how one defined him?  And so one might see Jesus as a
>human who represents how we are all the [children] of god and to "follow"
>would be something other than to believe in Christ's divinity. That is,
>is it not simply circular to say that to be a Christian is to know that
>Jesus is divine and so to believe in his divinity because that is to be
>I have no stake in the answer; I'm just curious about the seeming
>circularity that depends on having an answer in advance.
>straw manning it again Nancy?
>How convenient to be able to set up the bowling pins to your own
>preference, and then to walk away from it.

Enough, Peter.    Why do you think your foolishly-written attacks on
Nancy are of any interest to others?  I'm sick of you putting the rest of
us in the position of being a witness to your stupid and self-inflated
nastiness.  It is because Will praised you that you are annoyed that Nancy
has joined the conversation?