Extraordinary stress and anxiety is a normal part of life and can take a
toll on the immune system resulting in a physical illness.  However, stress
and anxiety does not necessarily lead to depression.  Clinical depression
may be caused by genetics, stress, or some unknown reason; only a
psychiatrist can accurately diagnose clinical depression.

Bob Summers

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>Subject: Re: OT: After the Hours
>Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 15:17:03 -0400
>Just for interest's sake, George, most doctors realize that a large
>percentage of medical problems are brought on mentally the patient himself
>(i.e., stress, anxiety, etc). Homosexuality is just the kind of thing that
>would bring on depression (not in every case, I'm sure) because of guilt
>associated with it. Just another thought to add to yours.
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>Kate wrote:
> > that she did suffer from Schizophrenia as well as depression at times,
> > latter probably the result of the deep love she felt for her husband
>being at
>Depression isn't particularly "caused" by anything (although stress etc.
>can trigger it).  It is a medical illness, and it's very simplistic to
>suggest that depression could be the direct result of "deep love" or
>homosexuality or anything much else.
>Just thought that should be pointed out..

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