Lithium is the most effective drug for bipolar disorder.  However, lithium
taken in larger than prescribed quantities is fatal; therefore patients with
bipolar disorder and depression are not given lithium.

Bob Summers

>I know many people who suffer from bipolar. For most of them (though not
>all) it is the periods of depression rather than the "manic" phases
>which interfere most with their life. For bipolar (but not for unipolar)
>a strong genetic element has been pretty conclusively established. Many
>(but by no means all) cases of depression do stem from child abuse
>(physical, emotional, sexual). Lithium is often (not always) an
>extremely effective treatment for bipolar. There are also other "mood
>stabilizers" that have fewer side effects than lithium.
>If one does even a little reading in competent sources on mental
>illnesses one soon learns that most of what has been learned has been
>learned in the last 20 years -- and we still don't know much.

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