it's good that you won't bother to waste any more time on me,I think you
are making the right choice, It clearly shows it your reccent mails that
your position has becmoe untenable.

you wrote:

" I read ALL the resolutions against Israel; they were posted (with
commentary) ad infinitum and in telling mimicry of each other by blatantly
anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Sharonist, and anti-semitic sites.  I
figured you would doubt the authenticity of the source unless they clearly
hated Israel.  I found the Economist story after searching on the
difference between types of resolutions."

My sources were various as I quoted.  Seems a little odd to me that the
page i quoted had the same article you quoted on it, and a lot of similar
 I thought for a while you were acutally serious about debating this but
the above quote shows how clearly pro-israel you are, blinded by it infact.
 Anyone who says Israel should stop killing civillians is anti-Semitic
and as bad as Hitler right?

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