>>When I said there were people in today's world suffering far worse than
people of Jewish descent, I do not include Palestiinans, as they have
caused in great part their own suffering.<<

yes they did, they invited Israel to attack and repress them.

  >>In many Arab countries, there is great repression, especially of women,
and most of the people are treated
like dirt,<<

women and most of the people?  who isn'treated like dirt?  Only the dirt it
seems!  If they treat their women badly does that mean they should be
bombed?  Maybe the US should bomb Japan next?

 >>No, not all the Palestine people killed are terrorists. <<

not all but most?  What about the unarmed children constantley killed?
What about Rachel corrie the American activist who was killed tring to stop
Israel bulldoze a palestinain house?  Was she a terrorist?

>> Like in any war or violent conflict, civilians are caught in the line of
fire. <<

Too bad for them huh?  That's what the palestinian bombers would say too.

 >>>In Iraq, our military made it a priority to avoid hurting civilians if
at all possible and yet it still happened although fortunately the numbers
weren't large. <<<

5,000 people or so  not so bad eh?  Why don't I kill
5,000 people you know and see how you feel?

 >>>While the Israelis have unfortunately killed civilians, it was by
accident; the Israelis do not sneak into pubs and on busses where ONLY
civilians are with bombs.<<<

no because they don't ned to do they?  America gives them 3 billions in aid
and allows them to buy as many arms as they want so they don't need to
sneak onto buses they can just fly helicopters over palestine and bomb
apartment blocks.

>>>As to the reason why more Palestinians have been killed than Israelis,
that must be obvious even to you. <<<

even to me?  Yeah it's obvious to me

>>> The Israelis have a far superior military.  In fact, Israel could wipe
out all of the Palestinians in the blink of an eye, but they don't do

yeah they haven't done it yet have they?  But i wouldn't rule it out.  It
seems to me you're a bit morally bankrupt if your argument is " we have the
power to destroy you but we haven't yet", The question should be >why would
Israel want to destory their neighbours?< America could destroy the Earth,
but it hasn't yet, should we be thankful for that?


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