I actually eyeballed the book today and made copies of a few pages. It is
(I was in error) titled _Reflections_, but I am unsure that it is a
translation of a specific book in German. Curiously, the quote in question
is ascribed to (minus the umlaut) _Die Kunst des Mussiggangs_, translated
as The Art of Indolence. _Betrachtung_ is listed in the sources as one that
has not been translated into English.  _Reflections_  is intended as a
collection of aphorisms selected from numerous works, with this opening
remark from the author: "Aphorisms are something like jewels; rarity
increases their value, and they are enjoyable only in small doses."

Many are on the theme of the individual versus the mass mind: "Every human
being is a unique individual. Any attempt to replace the personal
conscience does violence to the individual and is the first step toward

I like that one. Do you think TSE's famous remark in the preface to
_Nightwood_ trumps it? (It's famous, but I'm not recalling the word for
word; something like those who stand on individualism and those who
privilege the group "are eaten by the same worm."

This week marks the end of the term here, so I don't expect the book to fly
off the shelf should there be any other info you'd like about it.


At 01:19 PM 6/9/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>I think we (Rickrd) have found the source, but I haven't
>had the opportunity to verify it. It is as follows:
>          I have seen a room, a city, a country so frenzied and intoxicated
>          that it becomes a homogeneous mass, and all individuality is
>          extinguished. In one great surge of unanimity, every previously
>          distinct impulse merges into a single mass impulse, and hundreds,
>          thousands, or millions are held captive as they express themselves
>          first with heroic, selfless devotion, in tears and touching
>          declarations, but then in madness and lust for war. My instinct as
>          an artist has always warned me against this human capacity to
>          become drunk on collective suffering, collective pride, collective
>          hatred, or collective honor...Indeed, it makes me shudder, for
>          others weep with rapture and enthusiasm, cheering and venting and
>          crying out about brotherhood, I see blood flowing and cities going
>          up in flames.
>                     - Herman Hesse -- From REFLECTIONS.
>            New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1974 : 10.
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>I must have missed a few mails... what is the quote you are looking for?
>Searching for Saint-Exupery's quotes I discovered a few German sites
>with Hesse quotes.
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