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Just a reminder that the deadline for submission of proposed papers for the following conference is June 30.
Peter Barker

Association for Modern German Studies in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes London and the Centre for East German Studies, University of Reading

Transformationsprozesse in den neuen Bundesländern 1990-2004

Proposals of papers of 30 minutes are invited for the above conference.

Dr Peter Barker, Reading, Dr Christine Stieblich, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, London, Dr Klaus-Dieter Rossade, Open University, Dr Ursula Wingate, Oxford, Astrid Küllmann-Lee, LSE, London

The conference is to be held on 24 April 2004 at the Goethe Institute, London. We are looking for contributions to the following six themes. The examples are suggestions only and other ideas within a theme will be considered as well.

The political process of transformation
Unification of the political systems
The party landscape East and West
The PDS and the Western parties
The elections of 2002 - The end of political division? The demise of the PDS?
'Politikmüdigkeit' in the East

Cultural Transformation
The 'Literaturstreit' and beyond
Cultural production and east German identity. Fictional and non-fictional representations of an east German 'Heimatgefühl'
'Umgang mit Nostalgie'
'Die Musealisierung des Alltagslebens in der DDR'
Film/TV and social/political change

Social Transformation
Demographic changes after unification
The position of women
The family
Young people
Educational system

Die 'doppelte Vergangenheitsbewältigung'
The GDR and its History
The Stasi and the Stasi files
'Mauerschützenprozesse' and the political leader trials
The GDR and NS-"Aufarbeitung" - Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen/political camps

Economic Transformation
Collapse of the east German economy
Economic imbalance East/West
East Germany and EU enlargement
The Euro in the East

Language and Transformation
The linguistic legacy of the GDR
Language and East/West alienation
Language and identity

Poster Presentations
It is also planned that one room at the conference will be used to provide an opportunity for 'poster' presentations of innovative teaching initiatives or materials used both at university and school level in the teaching  of topics related to the themes of the conference. We are therefore also asking for 'poster' proposals. Particularly welcome will be ideas and materials using the 'new media'.

Papers may be given in either German or English and will be considered for inclusion in the published volume of the conference. All selected papers will be refereed and contributors should be prepared to revise their paper and/or draft their final contribution and meet deadlines as requested.

AMGS conference papers are published as special numbers of the online journal, German as a Foreign Language (

Please send your outline proposal of 250 words by 30 June 2003 to:
D Peter Barker, Department of German Studies, University of Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 218, Reading RG6 6AA
Tel:  0118 9318422
Fax: 0118 9318333
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Dr Peter Barker,
Director of the Centre for East German Studies,
Dept. of German Studies,
University of Reading,
PO Box 218,
Reading RG6 6AA

Tel: 0118 9318422
Fax: 0118 9318333
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