Dear Pietros,

As Peter deftly (or daftly?) noted, my initial thought was incorrect. 
The article is 'Charleston, Hey, Hey!', C198, 1927. Nation & Athenaeum 
(not Athenneum). The quotation:

I strictly agree with Mr Rodker's remarks about Miss Stein. Moreover, 
her work is not improving, it is not amusing, it is not interesting, it 
is not good for one's mind. But its rhythms have a peculiar hypnotic 
power not met with before. It has a kinship with the saxophone. If this 
is of the future, then the future is, as it very likely is, of the 
barbarians. But this is the future in which we ought not to be 

I find the final sentence particularly apt in relation to recent 
discussions regarding Peter's electronic world of indecorous 
malapropisms, anarchic spelling, and the denigration of scholarship, 
fact, argument, criticism, and intelligence.

Yours, Jennifer
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> 'Let me know if you would like the exact quotation and a reference.'
> Yes, I would like the exact quotation and reference if you can find 
> it.  Grazie mille. 
> :-)