Right. I had forgotten about Milton's order. He changed so many things in his account that many people think the Bible somehow got it the wrong way! Thanks for the clarification.
Will Gray
PS -- By the by, if you're ever interested in talking off-list about the Bible, I believe it to be far more than an "ancient tribal myth." And I didn't always believe so. In case you're interested.

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William Gray wrote: " Just out of curiosity, what are you referring to
here? This doesn't seem to be the Genesis account."

Sorry. When I think of Adam and Eve I spontaneously think of Milton, not
ancient tribal myth. We hear from Eve in Book 4. Adam gives an account
of his own creation to Raphael in Book 8.


That day I oft remember, when from sleep
I first awak't, and found my self repos'd
Under a shade of flours, much wondring where
And what I was, whence thither brought, and how.
Not distant far from thence a murmuring sound
Of waters issu'd from a Cave and spread
Into a liquid Plain, then stood unmov'd
Pure as th' expanse of Heav'n; I thither went
With unexperienc't thought, and laid me downe
On the green bank, to look into the cleer
Smooth Lake, that to me seemd another Skie.
        4. 449-459


           As new wak't from soundest sleep
Soft on the flourie herb I found me laid
In Balmie Sweat, which with his Beames the Sun
Soon dri'd, and on the reaking moisture fed.
Strait toward Heav'n my wondring Eyes I turnd,
And gaz'd a while the ample Skie, till rais'd
By quick instinctive motion up I sprung,
As thitherward endevoring, and upright
Stood on my feet; about me round I saw
Hill, Dale, and shadie Woods, and sunnie Plaines,
And liquid Lapse of murmuring Streams; by these,
Creatures that livd, and movd, and walk'd, or flew,
Birds on the branches warbling; all things smil'd,
With fragrance and with joy my heart oreflow'd.
        8. 253-266