Thought you might like to hear a little about my class last night - the one where we discussed J. Alfred Prufrock. Well, the whole class did not discuss, only the teacher, one other student and myself. The others had the "deer in the headlights" stare. I did tell them of the origin of the name - as related by many of you here. We went over it almost line by line to get the gist of it. There were not too may questions, but I think after the discussion, we all had a better appreciation of TSE. I know I did.

Never thought of the origin of ether - it is a powerful gas that totally depresses the central nervous system, and is rarely used anymore due to poor control. Doubt if it is related to opium. There are much safer anesthetics in use now. BUT ... as a child, I had ether to have my tonsils out. Was not pleasant at all going under. Still remember it vividly. rita