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Will be interesting to compare to the class's ideas. However I am attending with mostly 19 y/o who just want to go out and party. Am one of the few serious students. rita

I personally believe in a well rounded education.  I hope that you party a little once in awhile; else you may look back years from now and regret that you missed that part of college.  I remember when I was in college, I'd go with a group of friends from college to a pub or coffee house or just one young man, and after we'd have great discussions about philosophy, the world, etc.  But, you don't say your age.  Are you a 22 year old woman who finally decided to go to college or a 43 year old with spouse, kids, pooch, house to clean, etc., who, understandably, has no interest in partying with a group of 19-20 year olds.