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> Spell checkers cannot, which is why they are
> such an annoyance.  They only know if a
> word is a word and sometimes not even that.
> They split compound words, reject names,
> and change words to what they recognize--
> one changed my word "clitoridectomy"
> to "coldheartedness."  An amusing
> slip but really not what I needed to write.

My favorite “spelling checker horror story” actually happened to me. I had just formed a new company with several people, and the partners didn’t really know (or fully trust) each other. I had written a long letter to the CEO of the company, a man by the name of Fred Jacobs. Since I’m a terrible speller, I tended to blindly hit “accept” for all the changes recommended by the spelling checker. It’s a good thing I decided to proofread the letter one final time, because I was about to send a letter to the CEO (and to all the partners) addressed to “Fraud Jackass”.

-- Steve --