I think that you have to be absolutely nuts to use an automatic
spellchecker.  Check your settings and turn the feature off.  I heard
of some pranksters who changed a co-worker's dictionary and word processor
settings when he was out to lunch.  It then automatically misspelled
correctly spelled words.

It is possible in many spellcheckers to add new words or names to
personal dictionaries and sometimes to have more than one of these
dictionaries.  Then you can choose which personal dictionary to use,
for example, use one when working on the James Elliott Elementary
School PTA newsletter and one for writing about T.S. Eliot.

Spelling and grammar checkers could be made much better but at the
cost of development time and expense, slow runtime and large programs
and data.  But how many would pay extra for it and would it pay off
for the developers?  (Answers: Not enough and probably not.)  To rake
in an extra couple BILLion dollars it is so much easier to force a
file format switch every few years to get everyone to upgrade.

> Fraud Jackass

Reminds me of a bank's letter to "Dear Rich Bastard" (an urban legend.)

    Rick Parker

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