Nancy Gish wrote:

>It was Eliot who wanted to
>"purify the dialect of the tribe," and except in dramatic dialogue, his own
>language was precise, perfected, and always carefully edited.  He was,
>after all, an editor.  And he commented on the importance of editing.  He
>said of editors when he sent TWL to the Dial "I hope they don't bitch the
>punctuation because it's essential."

Funny -- he wrote something similar, but more euphonic and precise to
John Quinn in a letter July 19, 1922:

    "I only hope the printers are not allowed to bitch the punctuation
    and the spacing, as that is very important for the sense."

To my ear "because it's essential" sounds a rather clod-footed end to
the sentence.  Are you sure that's what he wrote?