Rita Proffitt wrote:

> Thanks for the info Peter and Nancy (& even Rick).

I've been given much more credit than I deserve.  I thought that you
you were looking for the meaning and something in the wording brought
to mind Eliot's remark on the question about Ash Wednesday.  I wanted
to add more but I was on the verge of being hauled away from the
computer so I cut things short.

Carrol Cox wrote:

> It is impossible to paraphrase simple statement of facts. Hence the
> Rick's response.

That's what I meant by more credit than I deserve.  Maybe I assumed
that you (Rita) were looking for the meaning as what was there to
paraphrase there?  I can't say that I gave it much thought.

Eliot did not care to help anyone with the meanings in his poems
(well, maybe excepting his wives.)  In another story I read an actor
in one of his plays, despite being warned not to ask questions,
figured that he had gained enough rapport with TSE to attempt to find
out what his character's motivation was.  He had gained enough rapport
to get a polite "How would I know?"

    Rick Parker