Think nothing of it, Peter.

You're are one of the very few who have been able to maintain more than a
modicum of sanity in the midst of this very highly strung, not to say
completely neurotic, group.


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> Oh gee, sorry.
> P.
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> The poem EFFECTS you????
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> Hi Rita,
>     I hope we can help you, and even come to grips with what you
> don't understand of what we said. It would be helpful to know
> precisely the points that need explaining. That may also give us
> an idea of how we should adjust our own conversation.
>    It's been my experience that people write best about work that
> they like and that they understand. It might be helpful to know
> more about your background, the level you are working at, and
> the audience you intend to address in your statements. If the
> assignment isn't too serious you may even want to look at
> the Pracitcal Cats poems.
>    If you're brand new to poetry analysis and to Eliot, one place
> to start might be "The Preludes." You might tell us how the poem
> effects you. What do your senses tell you? What feelings are
> evoked? What moods do you experience? What questions are
> you left with?
>    I hope others like Nancy, and Jennifer and Marcia will participate
> as well, so you can get other approaches and opinions.
>    So that's a stab in the dark for you, Rita. Throw on more light
> on your situation and I will see what other ideas I can come up with.
> Cheers,
> Peter.
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> Peter,
>        I am new to this list and a novice at TS Eliot. Wow - I am
> impressed! Hope to someday understand you both. I am taking an English
> class at a local college where I need to paraphrase and "splain it 2 u
> Ricky" 2 Eliot poems. Am an "old" student - so appreciate any info you
> and the L may render. ty, rita