Jacek Niecko wrote:
> And is it REALLY possible for ANYONE, however distinguished in her (or his)
> field, to remember what she (or he) associated with ANYTHING 22 years ago?

A substantial number of people on this list could tell you _exactly_
what they were thinking on many occasions 10 or 20 or even 50 years ago.
I could quote from my dissertation; and I believe I even have stashed
away several undergrad papers (from over 50 years ago). And from 1972 to
1983 I have a whole stack of filled legal pads, with numbered and dated
entries, on PL & PR.

I presume Nancy simply checked what she had said about the poem in her
book on Eliot.

Don't be more obtuse than necessary.*


*Leon Trotsky, referring to a U.S. follower with whom he had had
disagreements, remarked that every one had a right to be a damn fool on
occasion, but some people abused the privilege.