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> It is not a novel; it is a feminist essay on why a woman needs 500 pounds
> and a room of her own if she is ever to write a novel.

Well, I'm sure you don't mean that a woman has to be grossly overweight and
live without a loving husband to write a novel.  What I suppose you -
her-mean is that a woman must be have strong, independent thoughts and ideas,
and have space to consider them in.
I'm into running as you know and I've heard other female runners say that
they feel they like a man when they run.  I don't feel this, but I feel
strong when I run.  I suppose this is what they really mean.
The science fiction writer, Marion Zimmer Bradley said that when she first
married as a young woman, she made a deal with her husband: that she would
cook and keep the house somewhat decent if she didn't have to work and could
use to spare time to write.  She's since divorced him, of courxe, but she
says she's actually very grateful to him for giving her that time and space.
In Florida, we have strong homestead laws.  In the case where a house is
owned by a husband and wife and the house is their main residence, the wife
owns 100% of that house and also, the husband owns 100% of that house at the
same time, not 50/50. Ergo, all of the rooms are mine. I surmise that Leonard
and Virginia, despite the London laws which were not at all like the Florida
laws of today, had that same understanding.
Although the thought of taking courses in Women's studies is exciting and
tempting (how could it not be, being in a room with 20 females and no men,
and I'm not 19 even, but 39), I think I'll pass.