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> Then you need to read "A Room of One's Own."  She was very overtly and
> specifically feminist.
> Nancy

Well, I won't take your word for it even though I've never read it.  In fact,
it's the only novel by Virginia Woolfe that I haven't read. And, I'm not
significantly into novels, but I love hers. Have you read her Letters?
They're great and "Tom" is mentioned in parts frequently.

Tell me though, is it as good as To the Lighthouse or Mrs. Dalloway?  In To
the Lighthouse, she treats "Mr. Ramsey"  is as sympathetic and realistic
"person" as "Mrs. Ramsey."  Tell me, in a room of our own, does she portray
women as oppressed, yet insightful and intellectual slaves, and men as
unfeeling brutes, like some silly modern reality tv show, with the ending
being something like a 110 blond woman punching out a 250 pound man?  If so,
I won't ever read it, for she is by my favorite female writer and I don't
wish to read any trash she's written.