Dear Peter,

 From what you say of the quality of your classroom, I am rather
surprised by the following statement:

> If we were doing graduate work, then perhaps the discernment
>    of critical quality might be more relevant.

However, I shall leave this point to others. Incidentally, though, in
case your students inquire,

> It is naieve to think otherwise.

'naive' is spelt with an 'e' only at the end (and occasionally an
umlaut over the 'i'; also spelt 'naif' with umlaut on 'i').

May I also make a request of you? Is it entirely necessary to append
your signature to every post? I think those of us who read the list
often know that you are:

>> Dr. Peter C. Montgomery
>> Dept. of English
>> Camosun College
>> 3100 Foul Bay Rd.
>> Victoria, BC CANADA V8P 5J2
>> [log in to unmask]

Those who don't can always access this information by sending a simple
UNIX command to listserv. I only ask because, when I go to print out
your posts so I can read them more clearly, the appended signature
often takes me over the page; and I am forced to throw a piece of paper

Thank you.

Sincerely, Jennifer