Dear Nancy,

I'm sorry to be pedantic but what do you mean by 'images'? What images?
That they were 'evoked by Versailles' in your opinion, do they also
evoke Versailles?

I don't see the poem this way; but there is a piece written about it,
which I shall look up the details of if anyone is interested. Perhaps
Nancy already knows of this one? It may have appeared (many years ago)
in Notes and Queries.

Yours, Jennifer
On Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 06:34  PM, Nancy Gish wrote:

> I think many images in "Gerontion" are evoked by responses to
> Versailles
> and to the idea that it made things worse and would create chaos.
> Nancy
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> Nancy Gish wrote:
>> I think, however, that it matters that he changed "nature"
>> to "history" at the time he did (sometime between the summer of 1919
>> when
>> the first draft was written and 1920 when the poem was first
>> published).
>> He was working on the war reparations and reading about the treaty of
>> Versailles.
> Dear Nancy,
>     "Matters" how and to what?  History came to Eliot's mind?  Readers
> are
> being pointed to Versailles?  Matters to an account of re-writing?
>  Other?
> Marcia