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From: Nancy Gish
And I find Jennifer's care for precision a great relief from the
apparent equation of "oral-nonstandardized-contemporary-GOOD" and "print-
standardized-ancient-BAD."  Surely we need not debate such a simplified
and, frankly, insulting dichotomy.
The usual stock response.
Who said one was bad and the other was good?

It's a question of what is or isn't happening.

If you choose to project moral value onto it,
that's your business, but don't attribute it to others.

There are huge deserts in the world.
Room for lots of heads in the sand.

The war of terror is symptomatic. Some people simply
refuse to acknowledge that it exists, and go on as if it
doesn't. Others tend to prepare for it but with
standard militaristic maneuvres, like the war in Iraq,
which are really quite irrelevant.

Everyone gets ready for an attack in Kenya, so
it happens in Morroco. New game; new rules.
The new game may be very bad, but condemning it
does nothing to change or deal with it.