From: Jennifer Formichelli

Any future such as you describe would, as Eliot once said of the method
of Gertrude Stein (around 1920), be the future of the barbarians. In
fact, given that someone who espouses such a view as this:

> the remaining
> exigencies of social use of standardised spelling for which
> we must prepare our students.

is in fact a teacher to young people, I should think they were already
at the gates.
It's interesting that you suggest I espouse the view.
What makes you say that?

I have little doubt that it will happen, but that's another
thing.  It is better to be prepared for the inevitable,
in order to be able to survive it -- whether one likes it
or not. Cf. McLuhan's favourite Poe story, "Descent into
the Maelstrom."

I certainly believe the electronic environment is a much more
powerful one than the machine/print one. I am open to the
possibility that the former could develop methods of mutual
understanding that could far transcend print. Whether it will
or not may to some extent depend on the snobbery of print
culture and its unwillingness to carry its best features