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The poem EFFECTS you????

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Hi Rita,
    I hope we can help you, and even come to grips with what you
don't understand of what we said. It would be helpful to know
precisely the points that need explaining. That may also give us
an idea of how we should adjust our own conversation.
   It's been my experience that people write best about work that
they like and that they understand. It might be helpful to know
more about your background, the level you are working at, and
the audience you intend to address in your statements. If the
assignment isn't too serious you may even want to look at
the Pracitcal Cats poems.
   If you're brand new to poetry analysis and to Eliot, one place
to start might be "The Preludes." You might tell us how the poem
effects you. What do your senses tell you? What feelings are
evoked? What moods do you experience? What questions are
you left with?
   I hope others like Nancy, and Jennifer and Marcia will participate
as well, so you can get other approaches and opinions.
   So that's a stab in the dark for you, Rita. Throw on more light
on your situation and I will see what other ideas I can come up with.


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       I am new to this list and a novice at TS Eliot. Wow - I am
impressed! Hope to someday understand you both. I am taking an English
class at a local college where I need to paraphrase and "splain it 2 u
Ricky" 2 Eliot poems. Am an "old" student - so appreciate any info you
and the L may render. ty, rita