I'll buy that (but I might want the Brooklyn bridge with it).
Still, how the heck does he get etherised upon a table,
like a patient, before all this starts? Too much opium
maybe? (Isn't ether an opium derivative?).
At this point just about any take will do.
Between me and you.


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Okay, get this.
JAP is going to propose to his sweetheart but first they have to walk to her parents' house so he can ask for her hand in marriage. . .
completely freaked out, he starts being distracted by all sorts of things, including the women he once knew but won't anymore and how it will suck if this marriage doesn't work out. . .
then he starts to think about literature to get his mind off of women but he can only think of someone more obsessed with daydreaming than himself and how he wishes he were only a lowly court jester so all this formality wouldn't be necessary. . .
and then he drops completely into a fantasy world (which is also depressing) until he gets to the door of the parents (or something similar) and someone speaks to him, ripping him out of his reverie and forcing him to deal with that damn overwhelming question.
fun, huh?