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Peter Montgomery wrote (5/2);

> If you are looking for a [model] as far as commentary goes, why not try
> Williamson. He seems to have just the right mix.


I went through Williamson on TWL and a bit of the other poems.  One
thing he wrote caused a connection to be made that I think will result
in a webpage and I'm planning to include a quote on his comments on
the Dog in Part I of TWL.  But, for the mix of information and
commentary, I much prefer Nancy Gish's student guide though.
    The Waste Land: A Student's Companion to the Poem (American edition)
    The Waste Land: A Poem of Memory and Desire (British edition)

Nancy's book is one of my five recommended reads for the student:

Some details are here:

Nancy's commentary includes a historial perpective, bringing up the
material in the draft and some biographical aspects.  She includes
critical analysis and information on the editing process.  She also
has an interpretation that doesn't feel forced (like some I've
read). And I even like the interpretation (whoops, that might have
cost sales.)

    Rick Parker

P.S., Congratulations from me too Jennifer.  And a wish for the best
of luck in whatever comes next.