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And even if you
are student, staff, or faculty at the University of Texas you assume
daily that no one will begin firing at random victims with a
high-powered rifle from the top of some building. (I believe they made
access to the bell tower difficult, but there are other vantage points I
do not doubt.) And of course, every so often such fundamental
assumptions (fundamental to getting through the day without driving
oneself insane) prove false, as at 9/11 in a most dramatic instance.

I have a friend who was born and lived in Dallas, Texas through her teens.  Presently, she's an unemployed stewardess person enjoying the tropical life of Florida.  She opted to be grounded and so took the package they offered her.  She spends an hour each morning sipping her coffee and gazing at the palm trees and her tropicalia garden, but at the age of four months, she was brought by her Dad and Mom to an exciting event in November of 1963.  She told me how her Dad told her how he held her high and proudly in the air, not to see the man with the rifle in the tall building but to be seen by the man and woman in the convertible. She's probably the youngest person alive who last saw JFK alive.  Someday, she may be the last person alive to have seen JFK alive.  Brenda Faye is special that way.