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because it 1) makes economic sense and 2) makes ethnic sense and 3) makes religious sense.  I also think that the Indians and Pakistani and the Protestant and Catholic Irish should reform -- people who share a common background should have no problem living together.  Sadly, they all too often do.  I think it's horrible when the U.S.A. gets involved in other nations "familial" complexities.  I realize that Israel as a more directly created nation than either Iraq or India is a sticky situation -- but -- as the sites in Israel are SO holy and SO important, why can't a peaceful solution be brought about?  Why should anyone give a damn what religion their neighbors are?

Israel wasn't a created Nation.  It was just given official recognition in 1948. Those people were always there, certainly before non-Indian Americans were here.
So, you think one country.  You believe that the Israelis should grant the Palestinians full Israeli citizenship, which, by the way, is what the Palestinians really want, have always wanted.  So, the Israelis on the their farm settlements in the West Bank could then stay without fear of being attacked and the Palestinians could go to work in Tel Aviv without feeling like slaves.  And all the tourists would come back and fill up the restaurants and the bars and the holy sites.  I admit the advantages, but the Israelis should agree to this why?  The Israelis are the ones with the economy, with the powerful military, with the bodies of dead young men and women in their early 20's as a result of suicide bomber who walked into a hang out bar.  Then, there is the deeper, philosophical issue.  A Jewish homeland.  And this is not just important to Jews everywhere but also to Christians who believe in prophesy and fundamentalist Christians are almost as pro-Israeli as Jews are.
I believe that the question of "one country/two countries" comes down to this: Is this a civil war?  If the people there believe that it is a civil war, then there should be one country and the Palestinians should immediately be given full citizen and representation rights despite all of the issues and if not, then let them go their separate ways immediately.