It's very easy to ridicule Mr Bush and imply that he is stupid and venal.

For those "listers" who are still, albeit marginally (it seems more and more often) interested in TSEliot's work, let me suggest that a reactionary of his ilk would certainly be in favor of this war, as it is supposedly meant to make rich reactionaries richer.

There's a possibility, however, that an (alleged) anti-Semite such as Eliot would not care too much.

So, we'll never know.


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    "War continues in Iraq. They're calling it Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were going to call it Operation Iraqi Liberation until they realized that spells 'OIL.'" Jay Leno 

  This, of course, is a French concern.

    "Yesterday, the president met with a group he calls the coalition of the willing. Or, as the rest of the world calls them, Britain and Spain." Jon Stewart 

  Israel was very willing; we had to give them 20 billion dollars not to be concerned.  On the other side, Turkey lost 20 billion dollars for not being concerned.  (I think stewart would steal this response if he heard it)

    "CNN said that after the war, there is a plan to divide Iraq into three parts ... regular, premium and unleaded." Jay Leno 


    "President Bush has said that he does not need approval from the UN to wage war, and I'm thinking, well, hell, he didn't need the approval of the American voters to become president, either." David Letterman 

  Being a Floridian, I have to abstain from this one.

    "Turkey has voted not to allow U.S. troops into their country and Saddam Hussein said 'You can do that?'" Jay Leno 


    "According to the New York Times, Saddam Hussein has mined all his oil fields, planted bombs in all his major cities, he's got bombs in the military installations, in the airports, and he's mined all the government buildings. There's not much left for us to do, really." Jay Leno 

  Absurd, funny, and in a way, true.

    "Good news for Iraq. There's a 50 percent chance that President Bush will confuse it with Iran." Craig Kilborn 


    "President Bush spent last night calling world leaders to support the war with Iraq and it is sad when the most powerful man on earth is yelling, 'I know you're there, pick up, pick up." Craig Kilborn 

  Not too believable.

    "President Bush spent the day calling names he couldn't pronounce in countries he never knew existed." .Jay Leno 

  Most other Americans couldn't pronounce them either.  You know, Americans and languages . . ..

    "President Bush found out something this week. Between the countries of Camaroon, Chile, Angola and Syria, Angola plays the best music when they put you on hold." Craig Kilborn 

  Ireland has the best music.

    "As you all know we're about to start March Madness. That's NCAA college basketball tournament when they start with 64 teams and you whittle them down to just one, you know kind of like our allies." Jay Leno 


    "President Bush announced tonight that he believes in democracy and that democracy can exist in Iraq. They can have a strong economy, they can have a good health care plan, and they can have a free and fair voting.  Iraq? We can't even get this in Florida." Jay Leno 

  Actually, not too knowlegebale, for Florida suffers the least of any other state in a recession.