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That's why I assume the predicate allegation was a joke.  Others will perhaps clarify their meanings.

Obviously, it was a joke.  I, too, have heard the stories about these Asian women.  60 Minutes did a a bit on it, even.  And No Israeli connection was ever even remotely mentioned.  It is probably more of a joke than these posters realize since to become an Israeli citizen, one must have a Jewish mother.  And I don't believe that these poor Asian girls have Jewish mothers.  For if they did, they certainly wouldn't have been sold into slavery, no matter how financially destitute the family's circumstances.
After this stunning performance by our military, it would be the perfect time for our government to give the word to Thailand's government that it would be greatly appreciated if immediate intervention was taken to stop these disgusting practices.  Although certainly, we can't intercede with our military to get rid of every tyranical government, every exploiter, perhaps the mere idle threat of it may help in some cases.