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If anyone does want to pursue the present war in depth on their own, the
following URL is perhaps a fine place to start:

This site that Ms. Carol sets forth here states that Aljazeera tv and the web site state the truth and that we (America) don't want the truth heard.  If that was the case, Aljazeera would not now be broadcasting.  In any event, today, Aljazeera tv announced that the Republican Guard had defeated the Marines at the Airport, killing most of them and that they, The Republican Guard, had now secured the Airport; also, that American soldiers had not entered Baghdad.  I think that even the most gullible Arab listener would suspect that Aljazeera is not speaking the truth.  Aljazeera, of course, has now lost any credibility whatsoever and in the future, after the war, people won't even believe them when they report a neighborhood fire.

Today also, a massive grave was discovered by British soldiers containing hundred of bodies, not "fresh" bodies, bodies dead for years.  There was a notebook of some type buried with the bodies containing the names of the dead, saying below the name "executed by one bullet" and the like.  Perhaps the site that Ms. Carol is citing should depict some of those atrocities.

Some people here think, forget this, let's that use our power bombs on Baghdad, but I agree totally with how they are doing it, being careful of civilians.  They say the civilians in Baghdad haven't fled to this point and have been on the streets, driving, shpping, etc. because they trusted how well and precise we are with out targets.  Does Ms. Carol really believe that the Iraqi people want Saddam to stay?  I think the evidence is much to the contrary.