Wow.  First of all, Tariq Aziz is a Chaldean Catholic.  It is Saudi Arabia where there is so much personal repression.  Yes, in Iraq, if you are a dissident or several other things you will probably end up on the wrong side of Saddam and be dead but this pretending that Iraq is the only Arab opressor nation is stupid.
Now, since you didn't come out and say pro-Israel (you insisted on saying pro-Arab as if it was bad -- about that why should it be bad to be pro-Arab?  Is being pro-Caucasian or pro-Asian or pro-African equally bad?  Are all Arabs little Demons, Kate?) I would like an answer to this:
how can you support the American support of a nation that is number 2 (behind the Sudan) on all major lists of nations who support modern slavery?
That nation of course, being Israel.