All this anti-American thing.  I wonder if they realize how anti-European we've all become, especially anti-French.  Freedom fries; freedom toast; freedom kisses.  I shall never buy French wine again; I shall never go to Paris again.  I shall never buy any product that is manufactured by a French company again.  But I shall think once in awhile of our boys in died on those Normandy beaches.  And, Europeans listers, you may be advised that you have a very teeny teeny minority that is a majority on this List, pro-Arab professors, but please be aware that most Americans feel as I do, no matter how they tell you differently.  I notice that even Nancy hasn't been quoted the polls lately.  So take care. And forgive me for my anger;  it's just the thought of all of those young boys on your beaches and the thought of all those Arab women and kids that you want to keep ignorant and in veils.  DISGUSTING.