> I haven't followed the OT threads lately, so I'm genuinely curious as to how
> you people got there in the first place...

I don't usually read Troy's posts, so I'm missing some key links here,
but perhaps the following will give some indication. From posts I've
kept, I think the following is near the source:

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> As for Israel being in support of slavery, I'm
> afraid that I just don't understand.  Who are
> the slaves?

Most of them are imported from Thailand.  You don't see them because
they're generally kept hidden.



In replying further to this, someone mentioned women tricked into
prostitution and held captive by various means. Kate thought it was a
joke, various people answered. Someone said something like serious
accusations shouldn'g be mae without documentation. And I submitted two
posts giving URLs to sources of slavery in the contemporary world in
general and "sex slavery" (esp. in Israel) in particular.

And that's how we got from arctic snow to the glassmakers of Paris.