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> >> Especially since Ariel Sharon has been quoted as saying "do not worry
>> about the Americans, everyone knows we Jews run America
> What bullshit.

Okay. I had to search past several ridiculous anti-semetic websites using
this quote to find a credible source.  This is from, a
magazine edited by Alexander Cockburn, a semi-liberal who has become a

You're feeling pretty safe now. Your name is Ariel Sharon.

In fact, on Oct. 3, 2001, when you barked at a Tel Aviv Cabinet meeting,
according to Israel Radio, (Kol Yisrael): "I want to tell you something very
clear, don't worry about America. We, the Jewish people, control America, and
the Americans know it."

Now.  I have found a website
( that says
this is a faulty quote -- I am emailing the author of the above passage to
find out what he used as sources.

Will update when I find out more information.  If the quote is not correct, I
am immesurably sorry for using it.