Mayne Russell wrote:
> Firstly I'd like to apologize for saying "Americans" in my last mail
> instead of "some Americans" or "the administration" it really WAS a
> question though not a dig at anyone.
> seconly, if, by saying I agree with violent methods to defeat tyranny, my
> argument somehow becomes void, then so it seems does Nelson Mandela's, and
> so does Gandhi's.  I'm happy with that.

Kate is a caricature, and it is best to ignore her/it/them/whatever.

But unfortunately an overwhelming proportion of the u.s. population is
quite ignorant of the actual history of the middle east (I doubt that
one in 50 even of the most educated have ever heard of Mossedegh for
example), and accept the most outrageous cliches regarding Israel and
Palestine. The causes of this are complex, and can hardly be explored on
this list. (I'm not bothered by off-topic posts, but there are limits.)

If anyone does want to pursue the present war in depth on their own, the
following URL is perhaps a fine place to start:


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