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> First of all, Tariq Aziz is a Chaldean Catholic.  It is Saudi Arabia where
> there is so much personal repression.  Yes, in Iraq, if you are a dissident
> or several other things you will probably end up on the wrong side of
> Saddam and be dead but this pretending that Iraq is the only Arab opressor
> nation is stupid.
> Now, since you didn't come out and say pro-Israel (you insisted on saying
> pro-Arab as if it was bad -- about that why should it be bad to be
> pro-Arab?  Is being pro-Caucasian or pro-Asian or pro-African equally bad?
> Are all Arabs little Demons, Kate?) I would like an answer to this:
> how can you support the American support of a nation that is number 2
> (behind the Sudan) on all major lists of nations who support modern
> slavery?
> That nation of course, being Israel.

You are, I believe, correct, that the Iraqi government was not as personally
repressive towards its people as other Arab governments.  In other words, a
woman would not be beaten for being seen without all of the formal attire.
That is true, but because of Saddam's madness and use of torture and such, I
believe the Iraqi people lived in even more fear than in other Arab countries
where woman have to behave and dress just so or be in great fear of
punishment.  But, this is really picking bones.  ALL of these Arab
governments are terribly repressive and no, I don't consider all Arabs
demons; in fact, they are to be greatly pitied in ways.
As for Israel being in support of slavery, I'm afraid that I just don't
understand.  Who are the slaves?  I suppose that you are implying the
Palestinians are slaves.  If you are saying that any Palestinian is forced to
work in Israel, that is not true.  If you are saying that that is where the
jobs are and so that's where the Palestianins go to work and many
Palestinains make less money than the Israelis do, then yeah, but that's
hardly slavery. If you are saying that the Israelis look down upon them and
don't treat them with respect, I think that's true to a degree, too, but the
Palestinians brought a lot of this on themselves and in any case, it's not
slavery, either.  No Palestinian is forced to work for an Israeli company or
restaurant or lumber yard.  It's their choice; it's not forced; it's not
slavery.  If anything, it may be compared to how the Algerian French people
felt.  If they want their own damn country so much, why don't they stop
planning suicide attacks and start planning an economy.