Jennifer Formichelli wrote:

> ...  so far, far away from the words on the
> page, ...
While I might differ on some small points in Jennifer's post, I'm
grateful for her passion, eloquence, and respect for the poem as a work
of art created by a human being, not as an arcane puzzle.  I lack the
words to express my distress at removing Prufrock from real feelings.  I
think the purpose of the recent discussion may have been to figure out
the poet's feelings, but the feelings in the poem, which came with the
gift of the poem, are what we are entitled to.  If, that is, we respect
what's been given.

I'm not clear on the disdain for scholarship expressed by Steve.  You've
been doing the citing, while others have said that fog is yellow.
 Really, I'm not sure what a "scholarly reading" is.  The best readings
by scholars are those who are lead by the poem; the worst by those who
try to lead it.  The same habits appertain to readings by non-scholars.

Murder to dissect, indeed.