In the spirit of actual discussion, were not Gandhi and Mandela engaged in
nonviolent civil disobedience--or at least Gandhi (along with Martin Luther
King and of course Thoreau, not to mention Rosa Parks and Lucy Stone.)
I may not know enough about how much Mandela validated violent

But of course, in 1776, there was a military event of major hostility in
which "Americans" engaged in guerilla warfare and did not fight fair.

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Firstly I'd like to apologize for saying "Americans" in my last mail
instead of "some Americans" or "the administration" it really WAS a
question though not a dig at anyone.

seconly, if, by saying I agree with violent methods to defeat tyranny, my
argument somehow becomes void, then so it seems does Nelson
Mandela's, and
so does Gandhi's.  I'm happy with that.



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