In America today it is simply NOT TRUE that the right wants less
government and the "left" (to the extent any still exists) wants more.  They
both want more and less of different things.  The right wants to regulate
private behavior and not corporate behavior and the "left" largely wants the

I use quotation marks only on "left" because there very clearly is a self-
identified right.  That is not true of liberal to left groups who tend to
fragment on different issues.  It is very possible to be left on economic
issues but be anti-feminist, for example.

Also, I am VERY aware that I am making a generalization and that like
any generalizations it has exceptions.  But in a broad sense this is the

One way the right constructs the argument is to make it a simple
dichotomy of more or less government.  But that is just not true.  Whether
or not you agree with the specific issue, it is more government to legislate
what gay men can do in the privacy of their own homes between
consenting adults.  It is less government to leave decisions on
reproduction to private persons and their doctors.  I AM NOT ARGUING
THE ISSUES AND DO NOT INTEND TO.  I am saying that "more" and
"less" entirely depend on the issue at hand and not on left vs. right.

On the other hand it is more government to regulate the use of wilderness
areas or the sales of pharmaceuticals and less government to deregulate
utilities.  So we can only understand these issues by going well beyond
simplistic epithets and binary oppositions.


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> right winged (blatant nazis) and people who are very left winged (people
> who love the Arab way of life with their veiled women and ignorant
> children and rich oil tyrants).

back!!! where the hell is your basic governmental history.  Right Wingers
want a lesser government and Left Wingers want more government.  Sadly
the last 50 years in America we have made the equation
RW=Conservative=Republican and LW=Liberal=Democrat.  The terms RW
and LW
are from the French Parliament's creation anyway, so I would expect Kate
to call them Right Freedom and Left Freedom. Michael