". . . as it was intended or ". . . as if it were intended," not "as it were

Rudeness is getting to be a bore.

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> There is something ironic about asserting absolute truth as proof that
> another person is trying to control discourse.

  Let us know when you find out what it is.

 It is not possible, on the
> other hand, to control discourse in the subjunctive mood.

  Ah, but give yourself credit: not for lack of trying.

> But I am also quite willing to yield on terminology and accept
> "impertinence" in place of "rant."

  Thanks. Just keep the "perhaps" with it, as it were intended.


P.S. I know, Cornelius, "perhaps" can't quite be kept with "impertinence."
Cover your ears; it's a messy world. "Eyes heard the grammerians singing,
ay do not think..."